Vietnam War Paintings—Art by James Davis Nelson

 Book "Vietnam War Paintings". Art by James Davis Nelson

When asked why I am interested in painting the Vietnam War, I have three answers: First, because I was there. I witnessed scenes that are unique in the American experience and historically significant, thus deserving representation. Second, because within those American troops I had many good friends some of whom did not survive. Their bravery and sacrifice deserve representation in art and other medium for commemoration sake and for posterity. My third reason is to help repair the distorted image of that war and the American troops. I have consequently been concerned that my paintings be objective, depicting persons and events just as they actually were; neither glamorizing, nor —as television and the movies tend to do —demonizing them. I wanted it to be fairly said: “Yes, that’s the way it really was.”

“One motive for doing this book is to preserve an authentic presentation of Vietnam as it was experienced by the common soldier. History is always susceptible to new interpretations that reflect more a cultural bias of a new generation rather than an accurate account of true history. This book is meant to stand against such anticipated historical distortions.”
Professor J. Jefferson Broome, Ph.D., Arapaho College, Denver, Colorado

“Thank you for your superb prints. Your work is exceptional! In particular, the teamwork demonstrated in the “Helping Hand” captures the special camaraderie of our US Armed Forces.”
General Richard B. Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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