Military Paintings

12th Evac Cu Chi RVN. Oil Painting Color Photo 320px*212px

12th Evac Cu Chi, RVN

Portraits of doctors, nurses and technicians in operating room at the 25th Division Base Camp, Cu Chi. Painting owned by the Army Medical Corps Museum, Fort Sam, Houston, Texas.

“Viewing your painting titled “12th Evac Cu Chi, RVN” on the cover of the AANA Journal of October 2005 brought back a flood of memories for me. I served as a young Lieutenant with the 12th Evac, as an operating room nurse from October ’69 until October ’70. Your fine painting made it seem as though I had been there just yesterday, so vivid are some of the memories from there. Thank you for your efforts to preserve the legacy of a great unit and the many fine people who served there during the Vietnam War.”
John Erickson, Jr. CRNA